Valle de Lecrin

The villages of the Valle de Lecrin 


You will soon discover the dozen or so little villages that dot this peaceful valley. Like Melegis, Chite, Talara, Pinos del Valle and many more. 



This village has no shops or bars, although local traders regularly set up stalls at the entrance of the village. Local bakeries deliver bread each day.


This small village, just off the main road down the valley, has a small supermarket and excellent bakery just off the main square. There are no bars or restaurants but it is possible to do some good walks through the olive and citrus groves down to Melegis and to the Arab castle.




There is only one main road into the village, although there is a track down a small valley at the opposite side of the village.


There are several bars and shops in the village, all of which can be found in the area beyond the main square past the bank and town hall. There are excellent walks down to the lake of Beznar and up into the hills.


It is quite interesting to walk around this village. Melegis boosts some imposing buildings, a lovely church and is characterized by the number of orchards within the village itself.


The village has one small shop and a small bar. It has a fantastic antiques and bric-a-brac shop called CamelStop in Calle Carniceria (upper barrio) which is owned by an English artist.

Pinos-del-ValleThis small village is set in beautiful countryside, high above the Beznar reservoir lake and topped by high hills. Life follows the rhythm of nature and the four seasons, starting with the almond blossom in January and February.


There are banks, shops, pharmacy and bars in Lecrin, as well as a small post office. There are two or three Coviran supermarkets where you can buy most things and Bar Garvi on the corner serves good local food. There are a few discos and small nightclubs here.

AlbunuelasThis is an old village dating back to the 10th and 11thC and was on the routes of al Idrisi, the first Arab geographer and Leon the African, who travelled from central Africa to Granada.


The village is on the opposite side of the valley, also close to the Sierra Nevada. There are bars, several supermarkets and a bakery, all of which can be found near the church.


This is the main town of the valley and is worth a visit since it has several supermarkets and a whole rage of other shops.

AcequiasThis is a very small village, closer to the Sierra Nevada, and has no supermarkets or bars.