Andalusie, Spanje

Andalucia belongs to one of the most diverse regions in Spain. The diversity of landscapes and its geography offers you different environments, from the heat of the Guadalquivir River valley through to luxuriant mid-mountain areas, volcanic landscapes such as the Tabernas desert, and the snow-capped peaks of Sierra Nevada.

With well know cities like Granada, Seville and Cordoba, Andalucia offers a rich history in culture, architecture and art, in which the Moorish roots are still predominantly present. Think about the magnificent Alhambra in Granada and the "Mequita", the mosk in Cordoba, or rather take a visit at the  beautiful fortress "Alcazar" in Seville. 

The region of Andalucia has a surface area of 87,268 km² and represents 17.3% of Spain. 

It is, on its own, larger than European countries like Belgium, Holland, Denmark, or Switzerland. Andalucia nowadays is considered as a modern region with a well-organised infrastructure. Andalucia is the main holiday destination for Spanish nationals and one of the principal destinations for overseas tourists. It offers a warm welcome to visitors and it takes good care of its roots and maintain its important cultural heritage and monuments, legacy of the region's Roman and Moorish ancestors. 

Panorama Andalusie

Jaen-01De Sierra Morena ligt in het zuiden van Spanje en is een gebergte van 400 km die zicht van het westen tot het oosten uitstrekt.  De sierra Morena drukt zijn stempel op het spaans landschap van de provincie Jaén.

GranadaThe Alhambra is well known for its size and claims to be the most visited monument of Europe. Tourist from al over the world book their holidays to Granada to et a glimpse of this extraordinay building. The interiors of the Nazrid palace show you the craftsmanship of the Moorish people.

MalagaThe spotlight is expected to shine on Malaga for some years to come since Malaga City Council decided in 2004 to present a bid to the European Union requesting it be given the title of European Culture Capital in the year 2016. This bodes very well for work and improvements to continue over the next decade to achieve this goal.

Sevilla Sevilla (Seville) is located 80 km. from the cost of Andalucia on the banks of the Guadalquivir a navigable river with contact to the Atlantic Ocean.

AlhambraAlmost unrivalled for beauty and architectural splendor, the entire city has been declared a national monument. It lies at the foot of Spain 's mightiest massif, the Sierra Nevada , and on the edge of an extraordinarily fertile plain.

Cultuur AndalusieThe province of Granada is well known for the cultivation of citrus-, olive- and almond trees.

CordobaCordoba was the capital of Al-Andalus, the name used describe Moorish Spain. In its heyday it was Europe's largest city, a centre of learning and culture and was considered the Mecca of the west.

wandelen in AndalusieThe province of Granada offers a wide range of walking areas. The most well know is the Alpujarras with the famous GR-7 long distance path running through it.