The reservation of a house takes place with the reservation form on the website. You can also book a house by phone. The reservation is always a binding agreement. When the reservation has been confirmed by the owner we will send you a reservation confirmation via e-mail.

Conditions reservation of a holiday house
Via our on-line reservation system you can block the dates directly. You can also send a request via e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us
on mobile +31-620669289.
You will receive, within 48 hours, a reservation confirmation or an answer to your questions. The reservation of a house is always subject to availability.

The total amount of the first installment is 25%, which needs to be paid to our bank account within 5 working days after receipt of the reservation confirmation. The booking charge is € 20 euro per booking. After receipt of the payment we send a confirmation to you via e-mail.

Payment from the Netherlands and other countries:

Bank details
ING Bank Berkel-Enschot
Attn: Spain Rural Paul van Rooij
Please mention your reservation number
IBAN: NL65INGB0006760526

Last minute payments
In the case of a reservation within 6 weeks before the arrival date at the house the total amount needs to be paid at once. In the case of a reservation within 3 weeks before the arrival date at the house the amount needs to be paid immediately after receipt of the reservation confirmation, either by telephone or electronic bank transfer. In this case you need to send Spain Rural proof of payment.

Payments & cancellation conditions
25% of the total amount within 5 working days to confirm the house, the remaining amount (75%) 6 weeks before the arrival date at the house.

Cancelation by yourself
In the case of cancelation by yourself you will send Spain Rural an e-mail. The date of the received e-mail is held as the cancelation date.
The cancelation charge is:

- 0%, from date of booking until first payment date (5 days).

- 30% + booking fee by cancellation more than 30 days before arrival. 

- 100% + booking fee by cancellation within 30 days before arrival.

We advise you to insure yourself against these costs by taking out a cancelation insurance. We advise you to also take out a travel insurance.

Cancelation by Spain Rural
When Spain Rural is forced to cancel the reservation beyond its debt, you will be offered a similar house. In the case this is not possible Spain Rural will pay back the paid rent, but cannot be held liable for any damage that might occur due to cancellation.

Spain Rural is never liable for any damage, if this is the result of inadequacies of yourself. Spain Rural keeps the information on the website up to date, but cannot be hold liable for wrong information or misinterpretation of this information on the website. Spain Rural cannot take any liability as a result of cancelations, flight changes and or delays of railway, bus, airlines and ferry services.

We advise you to take out a travel and/or cancelation insurance. Please call your local broker for a quote.

Travel documents
You should take care of valid travel documents such as passport/identity card, visas and vaccination certificates as they are required by different countries. In case you cannot travel due to lack of valid documents all charges are for your own account.

Arrival and Departure
Normally the Saturday is the changeover day. The house rented by you is available on the day of arrival at 16:00 or 17:00. On the departure day the house we ask you to leave at 10:00. We ask you to inform the owner or the contact person of your arrival plans between 16:00 and 19:00. If you cannot make 19:00 Spain Rural needs to inform the owner or contact person timely of the expected arrival time.

The use of sheets, pillow cases, kitchen towels is inclusive, The usage of water, gas and Electricity is inclusive, unless otherwise stated on the website. Usage of fire wood is to be paid to the owner or the contact person, dependant on how much you use.

Number of persons
The rental price is base don the number of persons state don the website. If this number is higher a surplus may be charged. Baby’s up to 1 year are free of charge.

Swimming pools
Swimming pools are open, in general, from mid April to mid October, unless otherwise stated on the website.

On the website it is stated in which houses pets are allowed. When reserving the house you must specifically inform us if you are taking pets. In case pets are denied entry at the local accomodation, Spain Rural can not be held responsable. Pets are free of charge, unless stated otherwise on the website.

The initial and final cleaning is included in the price. However the owner does expect you to leave the house in a proper way; sweeping the house, washing up and taking of the bedding is much appreciated.

If despite our careful selection and regular monitoring of the house there is a complaint, then the tenant needs to contact the owner or contact person first. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the tenant must contact Spain Rural directly. An early departure from the house, without prior consultation and mutual agreement indemnifies Spain Rural of any responsibility for compensation. Complaints that have not been satisfactorily resolved must be submitted in writing to Spain Rural within one week after the rental period as come to an end.

General Liability
During the stay the tenant is liable for the house, the interior and all things that belong to the rented house. Any damage done by the tenant or co-tenants must be informed and reimbursed immediately to the owner or contact person. Before you leave, the owner or contact person can check the property. Spain Rural cannot accept any liability or responsibility for any damage or inconvenience for the tenants or others in or near the rented house. For inconvenience resulting from changes in intermediate situations beyond the control or the knowledge of our organization, Spain Rural is not liable.