GranadaThe Alhambra is well known for its size and claims to be the most visited monument of Europe. Tourist from al over the world book their holidays to Granada to et a glimpse of this extraordinay building. The interiors of the Nazrid palace show you the craftsmanship of the Moorish people.

The well kept gardens of the Generalife, the impressing churches and Medievil towers is a feast for the eyes. In the centre you will also find the royal chapel "Capilla Real". This chapel holds the remains of Ferdinand & Isabella. This royal couple conquered Granada from the last Moorish emperor Boabdil. Later they signed an agreement with Columbus in the nearby village of Santa Fe which led to the discovery of the Americas. Granada centre is filled with tapas bars, nice restaurants and interesting places to spend the night. Think about visiting a Flamenco dance cave in the Gipsy quarters, or take a stroll through the narrow streets of the "Albayzin" and find a nice tea house to experience the rich Arabian history of this "pomegranate" shape city.

Drive out of Granada and explore the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with its sixteen peaks over 3000 meters. It is the second highest mountain range of Europe. During the winter you can drive up to the ski resort and enjoy lots of winter sport activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or après ski in he buzzing centre of Padrollano. The diversity of this area is unique, with its high peaks and lush valleys, situated some 30 minutes drive from the beach!

Fiestas, Local products and Handicraft Granada is well know for its many "fiestas". The Spaniards find many occasions to enjoy a drink, some tapas with an abundance of conversation., That is what life is all about. Local products of this area: olive oil (aceite), sweet bread rolls (Magdalenas), orange salad