CordobaCordoba was the capital of Al-Andalus, the name used describe Moorish Spain. In its heyday it was Europe's largest city, a centre of learning and culture and was considered the Mecca of the west.


Visitors today would be surprised to know that Cordoba is Spain's 10th largest city by population with around 320,000 residents. Yet it feels like a small provincial town centred around a historical centre which is dominated by the magnificent Mezquita - the Great Mosque of Cordoba. This Mosque dates back to 785 and was by far the biggest and most beautiful one constructed by the Moors in Spain and will be the highlight of your stay. But don't make the mistake of visiting the Mezquita then heading off as there's a lot more to Cordoba than the Mosque. In fact many of our clients have commented that Cordoba was the highlight of all the places they stayed in Spain. You can wander around the tiny streets of the Judería (Jewish Quarter) with their flower filled patios. Here you'll come across one of the last three remaining Synagogues in Spain, the others being in Toledo. You must visit the beautiful gardens of the Catholic Kings (Alcazár) where Columbus first sought finance for his voyage of discovery from Fernando and Isabella. And a stroll across the Roman bridge past the Moorish waterwheels to the other side of the Guadalquivir river is a great spot for a panoramic view of the historical heart of the city which is particularly beautiful at sunset. Cordoba is more than just churches, palaces, monuments and museums. It is a very special place and a day or two spent wandering its tiny streets, relaxing in its beautiful little squares, drinking in its traditional old bars and dining in its fine restaurants is time well spent.